As I am.


I have been this way, for as long as I can remember.  I am the girl who’d rather get lost in the magic of a book or drown myself in haunting melodies instead of going to a party, instead of socialising of any sort.
And I’ve been mocked, taunted and ridiculed, for as long as I can remember.
To confirm, to yield, to accept what they’ve come to accept, to be normal.
I refuse at every step and rebel at every corner of the way.
Maybe I am not normal.
No. I wouldn’t call myself normal.
I have chaos for a heart and a galaxy for a soul.
I have scars to show of my battles won and guts of a wild flower weathering the storm.
I have been broken to pieces but I put them back again and again with persistence of the first rain of a sweltering summer.
I’ve been through darkest of hells, only to come out illuminated.
I’ve loved and lost and hated and loved again.
Most importantly,I’ve lived, in warm summer breezes, in the solitude of mighty mountain tops, in the serenity of a meandering river’s bank, in the sanctity of a starlit night sky, and in the pure bliss of self acceptance.
So, the world can go on with mocking and taunting and ridiculing.
I won’t apologise for being myself which is so rare an occurrence in a world with people who don’t even know what it is to be themselves.
If you are true to yourself, that is all that matters, ‘coz the worst of lies are the ones you tell yourself and the worst kind of pain, is self inflicted.

6 thoughts on “As I am.

  1. It’s been long long time since your last post. Would you believe somebody was actually waiting for your post ?

    About being true to self, I am trying to contemplate on this matter a lot and this is causing a lot of trouble to people around me, because I am asking them to be true to self – posing them to fight against corruption they support, pay taxes and so on 😀

    As long as one finds a way to be happy, whether or not what the world feels alike about it, one can go on. Life is life, it will be different for everyone. Plus nothing is permanent. So rock on. Take care.

    1. Ah! I am honoured and happy, my friend. Honoured that my post would have an affect on someone and happy that it helped you. Stick strong to your roots and strom on. 😀

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