“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colour to my sunset sky”- Rabindranath Tagore
For most people, summers are a drag. But somehow summers always give me new direction. They mark the end of my year in more ways than one. Sometimes exhilarating, sometimes heart breaking but always thought provoking is how I would describe it.
And with the summer comes the summer’s first rain. Now, you can either run for cover or dance with the droplets of rain, eager to embrace the earth, the trees or anything and anybody who comes in the way. And just as the rain compensates a month long of tantrums from the sun, you will feel as though a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, as though the rain is washing off all the pain, misery and disappointments that the year burdened you with. It will make you realise that even though you are wounded, you are still standing on your feet, that whatever you lost could have never been yours and that not everybody has to be happy all the time. And when the droplets of rain adorn your hair and glimmer like pearls, when they engulf you in a cuddle without a care in the world, without even a hint of hesitation you learn to breathe, to take in all the extraordinary around you under the façade of normal and that this is it, all this might be gone tomorrow and hence to revel in it. The rain will go away. After all who can tame the clouds and set boundaries for them? But you certainly will be a changed person. The after effect of the summer rain is just as beautiful and enlightening as the rain itself. Even though the rain causes a little bit of anarchy, we never see it persisting. In fact whatever has collapsed will only come back stronger. It edifies you that you need to break down. Disintegrate even. That is not your destruction, that is your birth.
With the sun’s first rays comes new hope for the year to come. May be it will be good. Maybe it will be bad. But the summer’s first rain has taught you enough to go into the unknown with the belief that either you will land on something solid or you will be taught to soar high.

21 thoughts on “SUMMER’S FIRST RAIN

  1. The weather here is absolutely amazing, its like summer has yet to come! 😀
    Additionally it rained the entire day yesterday and that makes for just the weather perfect for a nap, coffee and a good book! ❤

    1. Even here it rained yesterday and today. And if the forecast is to be believed it will rain tomorrow aswell.
      And I would make one change, for me it is green tea and good book. Spent the afternoon in the balcony sipping green tea with Jane Austen!

  2. Rain? During the summer? I want to be there, sounds like my kind of place. In California summer means heat, heat and more heat. Enjoy your summer rain.

    1. Haha 😀
      The summer is unbearable here as well . The excess heat leads to excess evaporation and hence the rain.
      But stating that would take the magic out of the summer rain now wouldn’t it? 😉

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