Of regrets and Epiphanies.

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To all the friendships lost and to the new ones to be made!

With some people, it is like fireworks. They will keep you on your toes, make you come alive, leave you awestruck, mesmerised, breathless even. But this can also be the problem with them. They keep running in search of something or someone so fast and so much that at some point, you give up trying to match their pace. It is as though one minute, they trust you with their life and the other they abandon you just like that, like you were a mere face in the crowd.
Maybe relationships, be it any kind, aren’t always supposed to be epic. Sometimes they can be the shortest of stories. That does not have to make them any less special. Isn’t life too short to not cherish the joy which we find in oh so fleeting moments?
But even as we try to wrap our minds around this truth, there is another realisation that hits us;
Fireworks are colourful and breathtaking. But we forget that they are also momentary. When the lights fade and the dark coluds emerge,Β  you’ll know who truly stands with you. For they will be holding your hand like a beacon, to lead you in the emptiness of that dark night.
So enjoy the fireworks, but don’t forget to look around to make sure that you haven’t strayed away from the beacon distracted by all that jazz.

11 thoughts on “Of regrets and Epiphanies.

  1. “cherish the joy which we find in oh so fleeting moments” well said, comrade. i find too that holding onto these moments renders them useless after a while. it’s like a gust of wind, i guess. taste it on your tongue instead of letting your feet follow it.

  2. Everything that happens is for a purpose and nothing happens without our choice. It is we who choose what we want & go through it. Only the end is never thought of or expected. But who cares, everything is meant to end, in good way or bad way. If we can make the best of the journey, the relationship, we can cherish all those moments in later point of time.

    For those who are like firecrackers, I guess they come into our life for some tinkering which may be essential at some later point of time.

    Great writing n Epiphanies

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